Production marimba wood is imported from abroad, after timber imports go through sheet metal processing, natural drying, artificial drying, audio version of the process to go through seven steps, namely wood selection, distribution panels, audio version of the article selection, tuning initial screening, screening of fine-tuning, fine tuning the screening test finished playing the piano, marimba and finally reach perfection.

   I plant currently imported logs, there are three, one is African mahogany, English as Padouk, light red color, this wood shake loose, bright tone, bass version difficult to break; the second timber is imported from Southeast Asia rosewood, English as asian rosewood, this wood density, heavy weight, tone is clear and bright, and continued sound length, better than African mahogany steel, heavy sound; the third timber is imported from Honduras rosewood, English as honduras rosewood, this wood density greater weight than the larger, is to produce the best wood marimba, the main feature is the steel better, lingering longer, more focused sound, marimba taste thicker. African mahogany and rosewood marimba traditional production of raw materials, production company is the world's marimba two most commonly used wood.

   Soundboard process is carefully and meticulous work, mainly by hand and by mechanical assistance to complete the relatively long production cycles. In particular pre-drying process is a long process. We have full control marimba production core technology, completely independent of technology, and is the highest level of international marimba production technology. Not only do we use computers is also used to determine the hearing, with each other to complete the tuning of each piece sound board, whether intonation, tone, flavor and so will be able to satisfy every player. Soundboard, precision process drying process and soundboard tuning will ensure intonation family motto marimba factory after more than 10 years of stability timbre, especially in the sound will gradually showing a rising trend pronunciation (sound board better to listen, sound will be more relaxed, brighter) the more you use, the better to listen. This is the difference between the marimba at home training.

     Perfect sound resonance tube amplifier is different from another family motto marimba, and at a constant temperature conditions can achieve the most perfect resonance and sound. Bass square tube production mainly assembled by hand, the production of complex, time slow, and there is resonance effect, large volume, tone focus, Cishi dynamic, circular tube bass sound bit thicker wood, volume and not as Cishi square tube, either square or circular tube pipe have different characteristics, we will be perfect soundboard resonance and resonance tube. Lifting frame is our own R & D and the national patent intellectual property projects, we and widely used marimba, xylophone, vibraphone on by peers, experts and players praise. We use mechanical principles lifting frame gears and bearings, on the stage with a very short period of time can be freely raised and lowered and marked with scale, greatly facilitate the player's needs, demolition, equipment simple and fast, and easy to carry.         




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