Company history

1983 Royal Institute began to study the production of marimba

1984 completed a small sample marimba (xylophone range below)

1985 began to study the fiberglass marimba

1986 successfully developed China's first fiberglass marimba,

August 1986 with the Japanese marimba ensemble performances in Beijing and the first performance using the same stage, creating China's first marimba

1988 is eligible for GRP marimba national patents, the same year by Beijing Invention Exhibition and Beijing International Invention Exhibition Gold and Silver

1989 GRP marimba formally put into production.

1990 six family motto FRP civilian marimba participate Year Gala broadcast to the nation marimba ensemble "Dance of the Yao:

1991 Central Broadcasting Station broadcast recording to the national home training marimba music, creating the first ever China.

1994 began to study the production of mahogany marimba,

1995 successfully developed and put into production,

1997 Beijing Institute of marimba ensemble performances in France, home training marimba out of the country, to create China's first marimba

1998 family motto marimba factory official business registration, the same year the first recorded Chinese Zhang Xun marimba music CD, and officially published

In 1999 for the first time to participate in the Beijing International Exhibition of musical instruments, to create China's first marimba

In 2004 for the first time to participate in the Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition, family motto marimba began to export

In 2005, the successful development of marimba and landing planes,

October 2005 to the State Trademark Bureau for trademark JIAXUN

2006, to participate in the American Arts Alliance percussion (pasic) percussion festival exhibitions, jiaxun marimba percussion for the first time not only in China but also the United States for the first time Chinese-made percussion percussion Art League exhibition. The creation of the first Chinese marimba

In 2006, the family moved to a new site training marimba plant, the new plant covers an area of 10,000 square meters

In 2007, the family motto marimba virtuoso and world-Mingmalinba Stevens signed a multi-year distribution contract, the same year in Steven Smarr Limba marimba master class family motto was highly praised , its quality is better than some of the big international products.

2007, JIAXUN trademark registered in the US and authorized

August 2007, JIAXUN marimba stage debut in Japan, and Japan nearly Mingmalinba performers on the same stage, to create China's first marimba

In 2008, the State Trademark Office authorized JIAXUN trademark

In 2008, the State Patent Office marimba lifting frame design patent

In 2010, Honduras rosewood marimba into production

2010, 2011, 2012 was designated the national family motto marimba percussion percussion competition organized by the Association for the Shanghai race only piano

In 2011, the family motto marimba marimba is the first Chinese harp festival unique, exclusive sponsor.

In 2012, the fifth generation of family motto marimba market

In 2012, the 40th anniversary of Sino-Japanese diplomatic relations, Sino-Japanese exchanges marimba 30th anniversary concert sponsor, concert marimba, etc. all use the keyboard percussion family motto.

2013 Second China Art Festival and the National Youth marimba marimba competition sponsors, only designated harp

2013 successfully held the family motto marimba brand was founded 30 anniversary concert

Chinese marimba marimba training center set up and organize training courses in 2014

2014 family motto Marimba Recital completed

2015 held marimba strengthen teacher training

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