Jiaxun marimba service 
    Jiaxun marimba sound board is the result of a rigorous selection and careful production and drying process. Perfect tuning technology will ensure marimba factory after at least 10 years in the stability of pitch, timbre, etc., especially in the sound will gradually showing more you use, the better to listen. A marimba intonation problems because we do not have Depot from 20 years since the construction. This is our pursuit of quality and perfect production location. The main wearing parts are piano plate rope, which is normal wear and tear, the factory will be equipped with a pair of each piano piano rope, hammer and pay attention when playing bass plate method generally is not broken. Family motto product quality guarantee period of one year, during the warranty period, the product quality problems found in parts factory will repair and replacement (except human factors), pitch guarantee 10 years (if the problem free commissioning, except human factors). Service Tel: 0086-10-68438913

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