Professor John Wooton visited the Jiaxun marimba factory
Source:jiaxun marimba Factory | Date:2015-8-27 | Visits:

  Recently, the famous percussion masters, Mississippi State University percussion Professor John Wooton participated in the 3rd China marimba Arts Festival and dusty came to Beijing and Wang Jiaxun percussion Percussion Concert held in Beijing Zhongshan music hall. In addition, there is an arrangement to visit JIAXUN marimba factory.
    Professor John Wooton in Wang Jiaxun and Wang Shen accompany visited the JIAXUN precepts marimba production process, after the visit, he lamented of surprise and excitement said: "morning visited the Forbidden City is very shocking, came to the afternoon of JIAXUN precepts marimba factory feel more powerful, because the palace is the power of the state, the JIAXUN precepts marimba factory is the power of the individual, than I expected a much larger, or more.
































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