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       Beijing Jiaxun marimba factory is China's largest, most professional marimba manufacturers. Factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters. Jiaxun marimba plant has JIAXUN licensing marimba, JIAXUN licensing xylophone, vibraphone, celesta, etc. Keyboard Percussion. Soundboard plate made of imported advanced mahogany, and a rigorous selection and drying. Fine selection, the production is excellent. Jiaxun marimba and other products of the soundboard tuning not only the use of computer equipment but also to accurately resolve the pitch, timbre, charm and purity marimba bass sound area by hearing, so that the Jiaxun marimba the real production level reached the highest international level ranks. After the finished product Jiaxun keyboard percussion sounds unified, volume, balance, really reach the perfect quality, truly reflects the unique design experts, expert production. Marimba, and played by the majority of fans of all ages, domestic and international distribution of its products.

     Jiaxun  brand was founded in 1983 by the famous percussionist, marimba specialist Wang jiaxun founded and named after him. Jiaxun marimba factory not only has world class marimba production level, and a number of its own intellectual property rights, independent brands and national unity JIAXUN registered trademarks and abroad, has become one of well-known international brands.



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